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We offer services like fabrication of chemical tanks, reactors, columns, chimneys, equipments, pipes, tubes, refurbishment works of turbines, manufacturing of new turbines etc. through our principal manufacturers who are one of the best in this industry.
Please contact us for the abovementioned contracts. Our principals have worked with  highly reputed industries and the credentials would be submitted upon request along with our offer once we have the inquiry on our hands.
We also offer services like construction of corporate buildings, guest houses, town ships, and all the other construction requirements of an industry. We do this on turnkey basis or upon third party consultancy/contract.
For this service, we are tied up with one of the most respected names in the field of construction who has a working experience of more than 50 years. They are into the field of constructing huge residential societies, industrial buildings, roads, structures etc.
In our technology supply department, we are tied up with the technology suppliers in the field of chemicals and energy (power). We have supplied our expertise to many chemical industries and electricity corporations. The details can be given once we are sent the inquiries.
CS Column FRP Storage Tanks Glass Lined Reactor Heat Exchanger
Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger SS Reactor
SS Tank SS column Nickel Reactor FRP Corrossion
resistant tanks
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